Call Super Houndstooth

Call Super – ‘Depicta / Acephale II’ (Houndstooth)

Since his Houndstooth debut in February of 2013, Berlin-based producer Call Super has continued to elaborate on his melodic take of Techno. His third delivery for Fabric’s Houndstooth label features two tracks due for release next week.

The intricate, developmental opener, ‘Depicta’ is typical of Call Super’s style, packing in both dance-floor credibility and melodic nuance. The staunch foundation is continually expanded upon with the utilisation of ghostly synth drones and percussive layers. At times, a nod to the currently popular maximal and industrial side of Techno is prevalent, although never clichéd or lacking in originality. B-side ‘Acephale II’, similar to A1, establishes a propulsive and resolute underpinning that lends itself well to the metallic synth lines and delicate drones. Steeped in detail and with a focus on textural movement, the release adheres to the consistently high standard of Call Super’s output.

‘Depicta / Acephale II’ is released on Monday 19th of May on Houndstooth. Pre-order your copy here

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