Brame, Hamo - Street Urchin EP [Dirt Crew Recordings]

Brame & Hamo – ‘Street Urchin’ EP (Dirt-Crew Recordings)

Brame & Hamo are a rising Deep House duo from the North-West coast of Ireland. They form two links on a strengthening chain of friends that’s helping to put their corner of the world on the map. Having previously released on Morris Audio and Deep Down Slam, Brame has been in the Deep House game for a few years now. For this entreé EP on Germany’s Dirt Crew Recordings, he’s collaborated with long-time pal Hamo, who until recently had been testing the waters with various production methods until finding his place at the deeper end of the pool.

‘Ghetto Lament’ starts things off with a piano sequence that becomes ignited by a kick drum, atmospheric pads and a string carry us off as subtle keys, a sampled car horn and echoing vocals do wonders for the old auditory cortex.

On the title track we have more samples plucked from traffic, as deep and sultry chords dance with intricate drum programming. On the filp we have Glenn Astro & Imyrmind’s take on the track. the German upstarts have added a few new elements to the fire, stirring up a habitual acidity it’s certainly different but doesn’t flow with the same dexterity as the original.

‘Retrospect Master’ is another well produced assemblage of mid-tempo smoothness. The production values are key throughout and it’s down to all the little flourishes that enrich this to make it so wholesome. ‘Feat In Rapture’ a digital-only exclusive, starts off slow with a bongo shuffle before building momentum into a mid-tempo House groover. Well placed claps and 808 sounds embellish a velvet smooth melody.

This sophisticated, jazzy blend of House is setting off all the right alarm bells at the moment and this EP rises above the competition to take place parallel to productions from the likes of Max Graef and Motor City Drum Ensemble. This duo have set the bar high for themselves, there’s a bright future ahead of them.

The ‘Street Urchin’ EP is available to buy on both vinyl and digital here.

Conor McTernan