Boddika – You Tell Me/Breezin’ (Nonplus+)

Al Bleek. A man whose triumphant assault on UK sound systems as one half of diverse production duo Instra:mental continues to transpire throughout. ‘You Tell Me’ is Bleek’s first release on his own Nonplus label under his Boddika alias – whose addictive productions have been a solid mainstay in the sets of Oneman, Jackmaster, Benji B and Ramadanman over the past few months.

‘You Tell Me’ is an eerie, atmospheric cut that has been implemented in the aforementioned sets for a while now; the release is backed with acid bass infused ‘Breezin’. The track’s denser sound a perfect compliment to the contrasting elements of ‘You Tell Me’.

Boddika’s striking sense of spatial awareness has always been a key factor in making his tracks sound so effortless. He uses few audio components but maximises each one to its full potential, taking advantage of the space in the arrangement. This is well demonstrated on ‘You Tell Me’ with its solid drum pattern and volatile, duelling synths that fight each other throughout the track, interrupted occasionally by pitch-bent, chainsaw-like fragments dropped in for full audio massacre.

Conversely, ‘Breezin’s consistent acid bass infused with a weighty 4×4 drum pattern and full, dense synths provide a richer hit of techno-influenced electronica. The lines between Bleek’s two aliases are by no means blurred; each output under ‘Boddika’ has it’s own genetic make-up, allowing total freedom to
explore and avoiding the common feat of pigeon-holing or definition that is so common within the scene.

It’s always a curious idea as to why an artist or producer chooses to make music under a different guise; aside from the obvious notion of wanting to take a different path creatively that is. But, boy, this transition from one half of the UK’s highly respected drum ‘n’ bass creators to Boddika’s indefinable but highly addictive productions is definitely an exciting one. And with a forthcoming EP on label of the moment Swamp 81, things just keep getting better. Go. Get.

Lucinda Runham

‘You Tell Me/Breezin’ is released through Nonplus+ on 4 April.