Bobby Champs – ‘Drag Queen’ EP (Pictures Music)

Brighton new boy Bobby Champs caused quite a stir when he announced himself earlier this year, the heavy beats and to the point styles of ‘Moonlight’ bringing some straight-up techno bangers that went down as well with critics as they did on the dance floor. He now returns with follow up EP ‘Drag Queen’, a compact but ballsy release that drops on Pictures Music on August 20th.

Title track ‘Drag Queen’ immediately sets out its framework with a relatively easy going four four kick, allowing a wandering synth pattern to grab your attention as it steadily grows in intensity. Once sufficiently distracted Champs drops in a typically thundering bass line that switches the mood from quiet intrigue to spaced out stomper, proceeding then to march you to the finish.

A more conventional structure underpins ‘Latte’ as rhythmic echoes and scratchy effects work around classic house synths and a no-nonsense thudding beat, creating the space and momentum that will fill warehouses just as well now as it did 20 years ago.

‘Charlie’ twists the vibe to be a little more sinister and wastes no time pulsing deep notes around the bone-shaking bass line, an array of knocking, creaking and altogether unsettling sounds used to amp up the atmosphere as it pounds head long into the darkness. Champs then continues in this vein with the digital bonus track ‘Mint400’, its mechanical energy manipulated and distorted while brutalising beats run into each and smash everything in their path. It’s another jump in intensity and to make a rumbling industrial monster that will intimidate the feint hearted and destroy clubs from within.

Brilliantly heavy without being gratuitous, predictable or just for the mindless wreck-heads, lets hope Bobby Champs has plenty more of these dangerous beats still to come.

Robert Mccorquodale