Blawan – ‘What You Do With What You Have / Vibe Decorum’ (R&S Records)

Yorkshire lad, Blawan, returns to R&S for the release of the ‘What You Do With What You Have/Vibe Decorum’. Once again R&S dip into the tombola of young UK talent, further cementing their position at the forefront of underground electronics for over 25 years. A serious buzz surrounds this 12” after being hammered on Rinse FM, and a YouTube rip receiving just short of 30,000 plays.

‘What You Do With What You Have’ is centred around a looping vocal sample from Kenny Dixon Jr, ripped from a RBMA lecture it is pitched and warped over the top of gnarled acid synth lines and sepulchral techno stabs, this one already punishing dancefloors far and wide.

On the flip, ‘Vibe Decorum’ is just as potent; a hyperactive vocal sample is wrapped around a swung ping-pong rhythm, all the time building in density as a pounding industrial kick is brought closer to the helm. Eventually the hypnotic vocal is let loose and the main drop is met with a plethora of corrosive acid splashes and twisted, asthmatic vocal stabs.

While some of the sceptics have been taken back by Blawan’s move away from his signature drum-flex workouts, sometimes sounding like he was writing in undiscovered time signatures, these devastating peak-time acid cuts show real strength in depth. With the recent unveiling of new dusty techno project alongside Pariah (as Karenn), Blawan pens a new chapter in the young producers book and it looks as if the best is yet to come.

Josh Thomas

‘What You Do With What You Have / Vibe Decorum’ is out now on R&S Records.