Bill Youngman & Neil Landstrumm – ‘Fry Up’ (Snork Enterprises)

Listening through the backlog of Neil Landstrumm’s releases, it quickly becomes apparent that the Edinburgh based producer is one of the few to keep a sense of humour in his productions without compromising on their effectiveness. No less can be said of his latest venture, the Snork released ‘Fry Up’ EP. Here Landstrumm teams up with occasional collaborator Bill Youngman to deliver four tracks of steroid pumped rave Techno.

Angular, broken beat drum patterns and driving arpeggios set the tone of the release, drawing similarities to the work of Randomer or Turbo Recordings signees Clouds. One of its most praiseworthy qualities however is its diverse range of influences, and the fluidity with which these are presented. Take opening track ‘Cannon’ for example; fluctuating between gliding, featherlight synths and muscular blasts of dense low-end as if there were no difference between them.

Landstrumm’s solo venture ‘Wall’ is a another track to highlight the release’s changeable nature well. Crazed off-key riffs, thundering reese basslines and distorted Garage rhythms feel verging on tumbling over each other, yet the chaotic nature of the track is also where its appeal lies.

The other two offerings on the EP feel perhaps less affront, yet only marginally so. Channeling late noughties Grime influences and invasive alien bleeps, ‘Venus’ chunders forward with pounding intent. ‘Roulette’ keeps the same level of energy, burbling low-end and Electro-tinged melodies propelled forward by a steady 4/4 march.

Theo Darton-Moore