bicep circles

Bicep – ‘Circles’ EP (AUS Music)

It wasn’t long ago that the Northern Irish duo were flung to the forefront of underground electronic music with their flagship tune, ‘Vision of Love’- filling floors and earning them remixes from the likes of Carl Craig. It’s this funky and evocative sound that hallmarks the DJ sets and production we are served by today’s Bicep. This is the endeavor that has lead to releases on labels such like Wolf Music, Lets Play House and Aus- not to mention their own Feel My Bicep imprint.

Another release from Aus, this EP really typifies the the label’s sound, quintessentially groovy, a solid beat and effortless depth, echoing that of George FitzGerald or Midland’s former Aus releases. However they’ve adopted a different approach from their usual; the flavour’s the same, but the recipe is different. This is treble heavy Techno, synonymous with that of early Detroit. The lead track possesses a classic riff and a beat that lays tribute to its spherical undertones, aptly named ‘Circles’. With a punchier bassline, the b side, ‘NRG106’ is a little deeper and offers up a helping of anticipation with a subtle drop about half way through; comme il faut of a post 4am dance floor. A sultry female moan compliments the wavering synths and rounds off the track nicely. Continuing their shift from 90’s Deep House revivalism, this EP is a certified helping of where underground electronic music is going at the minute.

The ‘Circles’ EP is out now on AUS Music. Buy it here.

Fab Goualín