Beastie Respond – ‘Syncopy / Syncopy (Blawan’s Trecther Mechanica)’ (Teal Recordings)

Copenhagen-based label Teal Recordings are only three releases deep; with previous offerings coming from West Norwood Cassette Library and Hypno, the label continues to develop a roster filled with a colorful selection of new production talent. Their third installment comes courtesy of Dutch newcomer Tobias Pederson aka Beastie Respond with ‘Syncopy’ – a smooth tech-dub roller backed by a mean remix from Blawan. And with the likes of 2562 and dBridge singing Beastie’s praises, the producer is off to a promising start.

‘Syncopy’ bubbles at around 170 BPM, each beat surrounded by ominous, pulsating melodies and feather light percussion. Beastie intricately blends conflicting textures to create atmosphere, and in doing so, constructs an eerie piece of music obscure enough to soundtrack your darkest dreams.

Blawan gets to work on the remix duties and takes the dark stuff even darker with his interpretation of Beastie’s work. Oppressive notes burst out between an army of savage techno beats, as the track’s drum pattern attacks an irate bassline. Only echoes of guitar samples from the original remind us of what was as Blawan succeeds in transforming ‘Syncopy’ from a dormant beast into a raging monster. A great choice for the emerging label, let’s hope for more of the same.

Lucinda Runham

‘Syncopy’ is out now on Teal Recordings.