Arkist – ‘Fill Your Coffee/Rendevous’ (Apple Pips)

‘Fill Your Coffee’ and ‘Rendezvous’ are the two new excellent tracks from relative newcomer Arkist released via Appleblim’s Bristol-based Apple Pips label.

‘Fill Your Coffee’ begins with an easy building intro before the surprise drop hits you with a raw boogie driven undertone and heavy sub bass. The collective deep funk bassline, cloud-like bleeps and settling flow allows for a myriad of listening ambiences. Be it a New York hidden bar or the opener to a huge rave, this track is both easy to sit back and listen to, or get up and dance to.

‘Rendezvous’ looks to supply a slightly more up tempo approach, as Arkist avoids being pigeonholed by stepping away from the boogie, into a typically Bristol-sounding dub/house track. The echoed male vocals give an excellent overtone, followed by a deep rumbling bass and a regular interruption of keys, coming together nicely to generate what should see the bass scenes best reaching for it throughout the summer.

Although both tracks have been made for over a year, they still have a contemporary freshness. Although there are aspects of other sounds, Arkist has certainly created a sound that is aesthetically pleasing, individual and dam right funky.

Timothy Barraud

‘Fill Your Coffee/Rendevous’ is out now on Apple Pips