Anthony Naples – ‘Zipacón’ (The Trilogy Tapes)

It would seem that Anthony Naples was gifted with the Midas Touch. From embarking on a whirlwind tour to founding his own boutique imprint “Proibito” last year, the young american has been a busy customer. His six collective EP’s to date form some of the most interesting music to be brandished “Outsider House” in recent times. Exhibiting dexterity with each and every turn, his works kick, bang and roll with an authenticity that’s difficult to match today. Originally scheduled for release towards the end of May, it feels as if his second endeavour EP for The Trilogy Tapes has been ‘coming-out’ forever. The individual tracks were teasingly released one-by-one via the Trilogy Tapes Soundcloud page over the past four months.

The first cut that appeared, ‘Perro’ (the Spanish word for dog) is the standout on the release. A clear re-work of ‘Busy Signal’ from his ‘El Portal’ EP last year, it’s as if Naples had an epiphany and decided to breath new life into the slow burning, lachrymose melody. Embellished by new synth lines and elevated by harder, snappier drums, it chugs at a faster pace than before. To continue along the South American vein, which presumably inspired the record, ‘Zipacón’ (named after a municipality in Columbia where Naples toured earlier this year) is a more down-tempo affair. Pleasant guitar strings descend along a scale, while ambient pads echo and inspire visions of a quite cove. Something for relaxation and submerging into on the morning-after.

He take’s things up a notch on the flip with ‘More Problem’. It’s a simple-natured track with a classic piano House sound throughout, but it refuses to be rendered formulaic and simply bangs. ‘Crazy Spirit’ is another guitar-centred track, this time oscillating along various frequencies while a muffled drum keeps the pace. Primo off-kilter material this is full of substance.

It’s been wonderful to watch Naples progress to the point he’s now reached in such a short space of time, but one can’t help feeling a sense of what’s yet to come. An album would seem the logical step forward for the producer and it would be remarkable to see what he could do with the long-play format. One thing you can be assured of is that Will Bankhead knows how sell a record, and the ‘Zipacón’ EP has arrived fashionably late today. All good things come to those who wait…

The ‘Zipacón’ EP ships today and is available to purchase here.

Conor McTernan