Airhead – ‘October/Macondo’ (Hemlock)

Only a month since the release of his ‘Believe’ EP, Rob McAndrews’ latest Airhead release is already around the corner. The producer, a frequent collaborator with James Blake, (running the 1-800 Dinosaur label/night with him and playing guitar in Blake’s live band) found a home for the previous EP on their joint label. On this release McAndrews showcases a set of tunes aimed for the dancefloor with a weight that hadn’t been heard since his ‘Pyramid Lake/Black Ink’ release on R&S two years ago.

Making his debut on Hemlock, the label managed by Dubstep pioneer Untold, Airhead introduces two new tracks ‘October’ and ‘Macondo’. Fans of his previous EP will be pleased to hear the heavier themes from ‘Believe’ continued, whilst retaining the delicate touches displayed on last year’s LP ‘For Years’. ‘October’ sits nicely in Hemlock’s catalogue alongside Joe’s previous releases, shuffling forward with playfulness only to be interrupted by weighted bass kicks and ‘don’t go there!’ vocal warnings.

‘Macondo’ follows on from ‘Believe’, a heavy roller with a solid four-to-the-floor. Not quite as catchy without the diva vocal hook, but made up for with filtered synth stabs that weave in and out. ‘Macondo’ breaks down under gentle pads making space for Airhead style percussion trickles, which scatter the beat on its return.

Neither track is particularly ground-breaking, but they make enjoyable additions to the Hemlock label. Inspired by “afterhours sessions in some of the world’s best and worst nightclubs“, Airhead has produced two tracks that will carry well on any good system.

‘October/Macondo’ is out on Hemlock 1st September. Pre-order your copy here

Jonathan Kambskard-Bennett