DOK – West Coast (Hyperdub)

Known for his work as production partner with the legendary Terror Danjah, in the last 12 months DOK has emerged from under the wing of the grime colossus with some solo monsters all of his own. His ‘Golden Axe’ EP on Hardrive was backed up by ‘Chemical Planet’ on Butterz, both offering enough power and class to earn a debut release with Kode9’s unstoppable Hyperdub imprint.

Hugely influential over the last five years, Hyperdub continues to roll with the ongoing mutations of all things underground, its output pushing and reflecting the overlap of funky and grime, dubstep and techno, and house with everything else.

DOK enters the fray with ‘West Coast’, a straining half-step rhythm that warps its way through a funky swamp of de-tuned riffs. Like an elastic band tightening around an electronic frog, waning, high pitched whirrings stretch over a regular croak of synth, complimented with off-step drums and intermittent throbs of dub warmth from below. A tune that’s continuous looping of glitches becomes grating by itself, it will no doubt deliver a satisfying switch up from the typical undulating power it will find itself next to in the mix.

The VIP mix cuts up the original even more, snagging and snatching at your ears with renewed venom yet rolling with greater flow and momentum. On the flip ‘East Coast’ works at a higher tempo; bouncing low end manipulation with claustrophobic percussion interchanges with funked out synth keys and jump up beats, competing back and forth on a more accessible track that’ll get the floor moving at its regular rhythm again. Quailty grime vibes from Hyperdub agai.

Robert McCorquodale

‘West Coast’ is out now on Hyperdub.