Zed Bias & Steve Gurley – ‘Roll’

2-Step legends Zed Bias and Steve Gurley are set to release their first ever collaborative work this summer.

The 2 bass stars have each made an indelible impact on the course of underground UK music, Bias with his ruff-edged turn-of-the-century garage and broken beat under a number of pseudonyms, and Gurley firstly as part of much-respected jungle outfit Foul Play, and then with a number of groundbreaking releases on labels like Hotpoint and Groove Chronicles, yet this is the first time the 2 have appeared on the an original track, despite supposedly trading ideas for a number of years.

‘Roll’ will be released on Martin ‘Blackdown‘ Clark’s respected Keysound label, backed with a rolling ‘Debt Repaid Remix’ from the label boss himself. Posting on his blog, Clark explained that the track was “an explosive dark UK funky record that’s brimming with garage swing, vocoder funk, jungle rudeness and an edginess straight out of the “roots of” era dubstep.”

There’s no official release date as yet, but you can be sure this dark roller will receive a summer release date.