Xhin Signs ‘Dark Tiled Landscape’ To Token Records

Xhin returns to Token to follow up ‘The Realm’ EP.

The consistent quality of Singaporean Lee Xhin’s music and his respected discography, spread over a number of Europe’s prominent techno labels including Token, CLR, Meerestief, and Stroboscopic Artefacts, presents him as a key player in a scene from which he is so geographically removed. Gent-based Token’s discography is similarly impressive, boasting names such as Ben Sims, Inigo Kennedy, Phase, Ctrls, and Go Hiyama, and after the success of last year’s ‘The Realm’, the Xhin/Token partnership flourishes once more in four tracks of stand-out calibre.

In the aptly-named ‘Dark Tiled Landscape’ EP, Xhin bridges analogue and digital production techniques into four textured rollers that harbour the murky edges of club techno. His material is rarely simple – he opts for the conceptual over the raw, and in this EP as much as anywhere else, delivers intricate jams that nod to industrial electronica and 4×4 techno alike.

Buy from March 4.