Wu Tang Clan Embed New Album In Portable Speakers

Part of the legendary Hip-Hop group’s ’20th anniversary’ album will be made available as a limited edition portable speaker ahead of its December release. 

With only one copy of their last album, the double disc ‘Once Upon A Time A Shaolin’, made available in a special silver and nickel box that toured galleries and museums around the world – it seems Wu Tang Clan are persevering with unusual release strategies for their next effort. ‘A Better Tomorrow’, which features all ten surviving clan members, is set to be released early via a special limited edition 3,000 copy speaker (below) made in collaboration with Boombotix. Costing $79.99 (£49.99), the speaker – which prominently features the group’s iconic logo, will contain eight tracks from ‘A Better Tomorrow’ embedded on it. Those who have purchased the speaker can then play the music featured on it via any Bluetooth device. Leader of the Clan RZA explained the thinking behind putting out the record in this format thusly, “Back in the day, holding a vinyl helped you appreciate just how much time and sweat goes into creating a single track, let alone an entire album. Over the last decade, we’ve lost that sensation. With this project, we hope to strengthen the bond between fan and artist. Boombotix puts the music back in your hands so you can stay connected to your favorite artists wherever you go.”


Speaking about the music on ‘A Better Tomorrow’, RZA described it as a concept record of sorts. “Musically it travels from a guy who is going through difficulties, tries to find himself, gets involved with some violence, some troubles, but then realises that it’s best sometimes to walk away from the past and all the bad times and maybe work on making his life better, and making a better tomorrow.”

‘Ron O’Neal’ from the album has already been premiered – you can check that out below, whilst you can pre-order your own copy of the speaker here before its released 14th November. The album will be released fully 2nd December on Warner Bros.