World’s Biggest Record Collection To Become Available To The Public

Brazilian businessman Zero Freitas will aim to make his mammoth collection available for the public to listen to. 

First profiled last year in the New York Times, millionaire bus magnate Zero Freitas told the paper of his compulsion to amass as much music as humanly possible. So far his mission to do so has led to him accumulating a collection that he estimates to be at somewhere in excess of five million vinyl LP’s – with that number increasing constantly.

Now speaking to BBC News, Freitas explains his initial fascination with record collecting – before going on to give a brief look at his vast hoard of vinyl and talking through the cataloging process each record goes through. Excitingly, he briefly hints at his ultimate intention to make his collection available to the public. “We hope people will be able to select records through our collection and listen to the music. The relationship people have with certain songs is subjective and personal. I want to share this with people and make it possible for them to recall their memories.”

Watch the BBC interview with Freitas here.