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In Their Own Words: CDR x Dimensions Festival 2015

 We spoke to Tony Nwachukwu of CDR to discuss their musical project with Dimensions Festival.

Launched earlier this month, the Dimensions Sound project will see the British run, Croatian based festival join forces with CDR (Create, Define, Release). Taking place for the second consecutive year, the project aims to, ‘connect music fans and makers’ through three phases. The first phase, which is currently in progress,  will see the organisers encouraging people from around the world to send in field recordings. As with last year, these sounds will then be added to the Local Audio sound palette – with one entrant winning a fully paid for trip to Dimensions.

Phase II will then call on producers to create music using the found sounds collected, in the hope that they approach things from, ‘slightly left of field’. This year’s finalist will have their track pressed on to vinyl, as well as being given the chance to DJ or perform at the festival. Previous finalists have gone on to release records on a range of labels including Wild Oats and Tru Thoughts.

The third phase will then take place at the festival itself, where CDR will once again host the Knowledge Arena during the days – a space focussed, ‘on music creation, performance and collaboration.’ A pretty unique proposition within the festival circuit, last year’s edition saw the likes of Seven Davis Jr, Funkineven and Omar dropping by for chats and workshops.

Looking to find out more about the project, we hit up CDR head honcho Tony Nwachukwu.

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So Phase I of the competition launched last week, how have the entries been so far?

We await that special first one! Last year #LocalAudio really picked up after only a couple of weeks – in the end over 250 sounds were submitted which we were thrilled about. With half still up online, we are calling for 2015’s submissions to be added to this, eventually providing an even bigger sample library for producers to use in Phase II.

You adopted a similar approach with regards to collecting field recordings last year – what were some particularly memorable ones that people sent in?

We had two sets of submissions from Zagreb, Croatia which were interesting in terms of the creative thought behind the sounds, but also for that fact that excellent backstory was provided to accompany what we were hearing. For example, one was the sound of doors shutting within an infamous local tram… legend is a lady once got her hand stuck in the door and the tram cut her fingers right off! We also had a special field recording contributed from Daisuke Tanabe of tree frogs at night in Japan.

What is it about Dimensions in particular that makes it such a good fit for CDR and this project?

Our friends at Dimensions see a real value in extending the usual ‘festival experience’, and are very much on-board with CDR and what we develop for the electronic music community. Like us they wanted to give all festival goers and contributors the chance to be creative!

Being on-site at a festival is a very special space for producers, music fans and tech-heads alike. We both wanted to provide a platform for people to channel and capture inspiration and ideas, as well as giving further opportunity to meet fellow peers and favourite artists and DJ’s from around the world.

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What have you got planned for the Knowledge Arena this year?

Watch this space! We have embraced the enthusiasm and feedback from last year’s debut in order to plan and deliver next level collaborative music production workshops, as well as masterclasses and interviews with artists from the festival. CDR will also be hosting a stage…again..watch this space!

Finally, having visited Pula and the Adriatic Coast in general for Dimensions, what would you recommend first timers this year check out?

The obvious, but nonetheless a definite is the Pula Ampethithertre, particularly with the opening concert of the festival – this is a very special experience.

If you want to go off the beaten track slightly, walk north of the festival site whereby you can jump off a cliff! We weren’t brave enough to go last year, but really keen to check it out this year!

You can find out more about Dimensions Sounds project here. Dimensions Festival will take place in Pula, Croatia 26th-30th August, buy tickets here. Read our review of last year’s festival here

Photography: Tom Gilfillan