Wookie Meets Lostbahnhof At Carnival

Garage legend Wookie is set to headline Lostbahnhof’s Carnival afterparty this year, in a retrospective show that takes in the last 20 years of UK-focusses, bass-led electronic music.

The London crew, who’ve hosted parties with the likes of Tim Goldsworthy, Nadia Ksaiba and The Heatwave, takeover West London’s Raving Buddha on Sunday 28th August for their 4th annual Carnival afterparty, with a line-up for the heads that looks back at the varied genres of bass music that has led the UK scene into its current renaissance period.

Aside from the aforementioned garage innovator, you’ll find Don’t Be Afraid’s Mr. Beatnik going back-to-back with Modern Soul’s Clause Four for a boogie classics set, Semtek and Big Poppa Love playing a ’94 jungle set, plus residents James Broomfield and TK playing acid classics and UKG respectively.

Tickets are £5 advance, and can be found here. And head here for our latest Hyp mix from none other Lostbahnhof resident TK.