Wiley Releases Christmas Single

Grime auteur brings the message ‘Cheer Up, It’s Christmas’.

We all know Wiley is prolific, but having released two albums and an EP in 2011, not to mention given away a tonne of free music via twitter last year, the godfather of grime is now releasing a Christmas single.

‘Cheer Up, It’s Christmas’ is Wiley’s take on the seasonal period, as he gets geared up for another album release in 2012, as ‘Evolve Or Be Extinct’ is released via Ninja Tune. As the man himself says:

“I was trying to get across was that in that tune Christmas is a good time of year. But, and this isn’t just in the black community – I suppose it’s any poverty-driven community – we can either love [Christmas] and accept what’s going on, or we envy our friends at school and we wish we had everything. That song is basically my uncle or someone trying to cheer me up at Christmas time, when I might be moping about because I didn’t get my own way.”

You can download the track for free, exclusively at the Guardian.