Whitestone Look To Revolutionise Online Music Consumption

According to its creators, Whitestone is the “first platform for interactive music experiences. A place to create, collect, and truly experience music online.”

Whitestone has been created by a group of artists, designers and programmers who believe the music industry hasn’t adapted to the possibilities the web can bring to experiencing music. Founder Roey Tsemah argues that “while technology evolves around us exponentially, music publishing is still heavily influenced by physical mediums such as CD and vinyl”. Their first port of call is album artwork, creating special interactive editions that are brought to life by assigning key commands, touch gesture or camera inputs to control movement and access different layers of artwork and the music itself.

The Kickstarter funded platform (that already has the likes of Flying Lotus and Gaslamp Killer on board) will launch a social network around these interactive experiences, a place that implements a ‘tip jar’ business model to fund creators, rather than advertisements. You start following you’re favourite artists, radio hosts and music bloggers, and send them a tip if you like the content you’ve interacted with. Although many die-hard supporters of the physical format aren’t likely to see the value in this, Whitestone looks like a very promising independent platform that will bring online music consumption fully into the digital age.

You can pledge your support here and check out the promotional video below.