Well Rounded Boss Puts Together ‘Spontaneous’ Mix

“100% spontaneous one-take vinyl mashdown for ya….. again…..”

Brighton’s Well Rounded label have been in the spotlight recently for varied records from South London Ordnance, Leon Vynehall, Wheez-ie and Spare amongst others. The label owner, and vinyl enthusiast, Donga, spins through the old and the new in a new one-off mix.

Four Tet, Luke Vibert, Mo Kolours, Theo Parrish, Die & Mensah, Azari & III and Andres feature in the 55 minutes trip through house and techno, the acid and garage.

Stream below and see full tracklist.

Donga’s ‘You tell me what is mix’ tracklisting:
1. THEO PARRISH – ‘Wild Out’ (Running Back)
2. FOUR TET – ‘Jupiters’ (Text)
3. MO KOLOURS – ‘Mini Culcha (Beautiful Swimmers Remix)
4. ANDRES – ‘Skate This Way’ (La Vida)
5. RECLOOSE – ‘Don’t Get Me Wrong’ (Delusions Of Grandeur)
6. D. SHETTLER – ‘Hot Burrito #1’ (M1 Sessions)
7. THEO PARRISH – ‘Black Mist’ (Running Back)
8. PHIL PARNELL – ‘You Want To’ (Life)
9. DAN MELA – ‘Dodgem In San Sebastian’ (What Ever Not)’
10. C&A – ‘Waiting For Kim’ (??)
11. PARANOID LONDON featuring PARIS BRIGHTLEDGE – ‘Paris Dub’ (Paranoid London)
12. BIG STRICK feat OMAR S – ‘Family Affair’ (7Days Ent)
13. COTTAM – ‘Long Dark Road’ (Flight Recorder)
14. CHEZ DAMIER – ‘Untitled 49 B1’ (KMS)
15. NATHANIEL X PROJECT – ‘Free Yourself’ (Slow To Speak)
16. AZARI & III – ‘Reckless (Enchante Remix)’ (Crazy Wax Trax 2)
17. JEDI KNIGHTS – ‘Tribute To MAW’ (Universal Language)
18. TUDOR ACID 304 – ‘Tudor Disco (Luke Vibert Remix)’ (Tudor Beats)
19. DANIEL AVERY – ‘Taste (Special Request Remix)’ (Phantasy)
20. GRENIER – ‘Vendetta’ (Tectonic)
21. DIE & MENSAH – ‘Firing Line’ (Gutterfunk)
22. DUSK & BLACKDOWN – ‘High Road’ (Keysound)
23. TWO BANKS OF FOUR – ‘Hook & A Line (Zed Bias Remix)’ (Sirkus)