Watch The Trailer For A New Doc On Slimzee

Next Tuesday Boiler Room premiere a new documentary on Grime godfather Slimzee, followed by an exclusive 2 hour classic era dubplate DJ set. 

If Wiley was the beat maker that cemented Grime’s sonic aesthetic as something separate from 2-Step, and Dizzee was the MC that propelled Grime’s vocal style into the mainstream, then DJ Slimzee was the tastemaker who gave those artists a foundation to create their new music for. Originally with the Garage crew Pay As You Go, Slimzee ventured into the darker territory that became 8-bar/Eski/Sublow etc. and eventually Grime. Ask any fan to name their favourite pirate sets from the early 2000s and Slimzee is guaranteed to be in there. He had the power to determine the era’s Grime anthems – his heavy rotation of personal dubplates cemented the statuses of numerous future classics, ‘I Luv U’ being one of them.

In this new documentary entitled ‘Slimzee’s Going On Terrible’, the DJ’s history is explored – his ‘early dedication, rise to fame, subsequent undoing and phoenix resurgence of a legend’. Film maker Rollo Jackson, (whom we spoke to early this year) has always had a special place for UK dance music – and in this 25 minute documentary he delves deeper into the story of the man who can claim to be one of the genre’s most key figures of all time. As the old school Grime artists enjoy a resurgence alongside newer faces, Slimzee deserves the recognition he is currently receiving having dedicated over a decade to the support of Grime.

‘Slimzee’s Going On Terrible’ is being premiered on Boiler Room next Tuesday 8pm, followed by a special DJ set with guest MCs.