Watch The Trailer For The New Bicep EP

Northern Irish duo Bicep have released the trailer for the forthcoming EP on their own imprint, FeelMyBicep.

The three tracker is the second outing for the pair on their own label, following on from its inauguration last year with a collection that featured the hugely popular anthem ‘Vision Of Love’. The crackly VHS aesthetic of the trailer is befitting of Bicep’s renowned love of retro sounds, whilst the tongue in cheek 80’s cheese of some of the clips featured should come as no surprise to followers of their frequently amusing blog. The tunes included in the clip meanwhile, allude to a continuation of the pair’s exploration of analogue hardware and classic sounds. ‘Satisfy’ samples a diva wail of the titular refrain with scene setting pads before dropping a Depeche Mode esque lead line in to the mix. ‘The Final Trip’ takes things back into the moodier territory covered by their EP on AUS earlier in the year, with a lightly acid inflected bassline, whilst ‘Snackbar’ employs vocal snippets in the vein of last year’s ‘Keep, Keep’ over a throbbing bed of ominous chords. Due on the 25th November, the EP can be pre-ordered now.