Watch Tim & Barry’s Feature Length Footwork Documentary

The new documentary ‘I’m Tryna Tell Ya’ is an inspiring insight into the world of Chicago’s Footwork scene…  

We had the pleasure of heading down to the film’s premiere a couple of weeks ago at London’s ICA, and we can say with confidence that it is well worth an hour of your time. The portrayal of the windy City Footwork community, particularly the relationship between the dancers and the DJs and producers, is engaging and personal throughout. Some of the scenes are downright hilarious – particularly one involving Rashad, Spinn and Manny struggling massively to recite new bars to sample.

A lot has changed since the crew went out to film in 2012. The scene has continued to garner positive attention worldwide, but there’s also been a more tragic focus – the passing of DJ Rashad earlier this year. Rashad’s charismatic role in the doc is particularly touching in light of his death, but along with the Hyperdub x Teklife tribute compilation ‘Nextlife‘, here is at least one more things for us to remember him by.

For more information on the film, visit the Don’t Watch That website.