thug entrancer

Watch Thug Entrancer’s hallucinatory new video for ‘Ronin’

Thug Entrancer’s next album for Daniel Lopatin’s Software label lands in March.

Following his debut on Daniel Lopatin’s (Oneohtrix Pointer Never) Software imprint, 2014 LP Death After Life, Thug Entrancer aka Ryan McRyhew returns to the label for the Arcology album, out March 4. According to press materials: “Arcology explores high tech / low life society, mechanical structures, and data-driven humanity in an evocative techno framework.

Having revealed the video for Curaga / Low-life in December, McRyhew and artist Milton Melvin Croissant III collaborate again for the disorienting, hallucinatory clip to support album cut ‘Ronin’, which you can watch below.

MMCIII also designed Arcology’s artwork and live visuals. Speaking on the collaboration between the two Colorado natives and lifelong friends, Croissant said: “What interests us the most in science fiction, or what we find makes the genre successful, is the ability to construct a new universe, culture, and environment. World-building is something we strive for individually in each of our creative practices. The ultimate goal of this collaboration is to use the music of Arcology as a framework to create a universe.”

Arcology will be released via Software, March 4. Explore the various purchase options here.

Featured image: Anna Stein