Watch The Video For Strange U’s ‘Klaatu Barada Nikto’

Boundary pushing hip-hop sounds from one of the UK’s scene’s most underrated.

Enigmatic rap pack Strange U touch down on Alexander Nut’s Eglo Records with the ‘Scarlet Jungle’ EP – tracks that have been lurking around the online ether since late last year and are now due for full release on April 15th. The man behind the project is UK stalwart Kashmere the Iguana Man, consistently one of the most interesting voices in the homegrown hip-hop scene over the past 15 years, alongside US rapper Shadowboxer Star and production from Dr Zygote and Crossbone T.

Their sound is distinct, off-kilter and refreshing – Kashmere’s inimitable vocal styles riding beats that fuse classic boom-bap with a warped sci-fi aesthetic, straddling a similar sonic realm to the likes of Dr Octagon and Danny Breaks. As Strange U quote themselves, “the rap game needs a reality check. It’s witch doctor rap for lives that need saving”. The ‘Scarlet Jungle’ EP is a six-tracker that bangs on all levels, and comes accompanied by this equally dope video for the track ‘Klaatu Barada Nikto’. You can grab the vinyl release now, direct from Eglo, with the digital dropping April 15th.


A1. Klaatu Barada Nikto
A2. Plastique
A3. Weird Dreams
B1. Scarlet Jungle
B2. Bad Trip Parent
B3. Rancid Canvas Lick