Watch The Video For Fatima & Funkineven’s ‘Phone Line’

Fatima and her Eglo labelmate Funkineven team up once again on this sexy, soul-inspired number – check the video to ‘Phone Line’ below.

The pair have previously collaborated upon tunes such as ‘Soul Glo’ (from Fatima’s Mindtravellin’ EP) as well as Funkineven’s ‘Kleer’ back in 2010. Coming from such a respected record label, these two have both had substantial success as individuals; thus their combined efforts are a spectacular fusion of their charismatic styles.

With luminous nails, short dresses and glossy lips, the video is surprisingly pop-inspired considering Eglo’s placing as an underground label. Yet there is a definite tinge of R n B influence, from the promiscuity provoked in Fatima’s seductive vocals, flirting with the listener over Funkineven’s groove-laden MPC tapestry.

On the whole this is a fun and fresh effort, further cementing Eglo’s position at the fore of soul-induced electronica, with the video complimenting the dynamic energy of the track.

Stream the video below: