Watch The Ashes57 Video For DJ Rashad’s ‘I Don’t Give A F*ck’

The new DJ Rashad track is accompanied by a frenetic video from visual artist Ashes57.

DJ Rashad has come a long way from his status as underground hero on Chicago’s Southside juke circuit. Alongside Teklife partner-in-crime DJ Spinn he has spent much of the last three years touring, ingraining the footwork blueprint into electronic music’s modern global identity. It’s testament to this globetrotting success that the video for Rashad’s new track ‘I Don’t Give A F*ck’ is shot in London, a city where his sound has found particular favour.

The video, filmed in stark monochrome by leading photographer and visual artist Ashes57, follows Rashad around London on foot, in cabs and on the tube, with some distorted footworking action thrown in for good measure. The moody visual montage lends itself well to the track, a frantic array of toms and snares with the title mantra chopped and repeated throughout. Watch the video below.

DJ Rashad – I Don’t Give a Fuck from Ashes57 on Vimeo.