Solar Bears

Watch Solar Bears Supermigration Film

The Irish duo’s return to Planet Mu is now accompanied by a psychedelic short film.

Solar Bears are John Kowalski and Rian Trench, two Irish natives who formed in 2009 through a shared love of music and world cinema. They were picked up by Mike Paradinas and his Planet Mu stables in 2010, releasing the ‘Inner Sunshine’ EP followed by the full length LP ‘She Was Coloured In’. These bedroom-produced endeavours drew on a captivating realm of influences, where sci-fi collides with swirling 70s psychedelia, prog and modern day electronica, driven by a halcyon analogue aesthetic.

2013 finds the pair returning to Planet Mu with ‘Supermigration’, a year-and-a-half in the making 12-track album that saw a move away from the homespun approach of their previous releases and into a high-spec studio complex in the mountains of Wicklow. The techniques may be more refined, but Solar Bears have lost none of their magic, revelling in hi-definition cinematic textures and all of the trippy warmth that ‘She Was Coloured In’ exuded. The release has now been given an extra dimension via this short film featuring five of the new album tracks accompanied by a hypercolour visual feast directed by ex-Bibio collaborator Michael Robinson.

Featuring tracks:

A Sky Darkly
Our Future Is Underground
Happiness Is A Warm Spacestation
Rainbow Collision
You And Me (Subterranean Cycles)

‘Supermigration’ is released via Planet Mu on April 15th.