Watch A Short Documentary About A New York Street Musician

This two minute video documentary is a portrait of a New York based subway drummer

King Solomon is a short, two-minute video documentary filmed by a New Yorker based filmmaker , it features “Amazen King” Solomon Roe and is composed of interview segments and footage of the artist at work. It shows how he makes use of old plastic paint pots, public trash cans and any items in his immediate environment to perform intricate drum solos in Subway stations.

He mentions that two of his uncle’s were Jazz drummers, one of which worked with Marvin Gaye. He goes on to say that he would choose music over fame, “I do it because I love it, this is what I love to do – after doing it for a while, when I go home, it feels like i’ve come from church.” A short yet insightful look into the wonderful world of street musicians.

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