Japanese Dancehall

Watch A Short Documentary On Japanese Dancehall

The first in a new series of shorts by Hi-Fi experts Bose shines a light on the surprising success of Dancehall over in Japan. 

Part of the ‘Scene Unseen’ triology, this first episode is a fascinating look at the thriving subculture of Dancehall fans in the Far Eastern country – featuring interviews with key players, fans and dancers. Hugely Yokohama based soundsystem Mighty Crown – a respected global outfit that have won international soundclashes, appear, as does dancer Batty Bom Bom and collective The Illmatic Gyalz. Whilst the existence of the scene may seem surprising and even bizarre to many Westerners, the commitment and attention to detail displayed by those involved is undeniable.

Check out the trailer below and watch the full version here