DOOM comic

Watch A Short Animated Comic On MF Doom

Red Bull Music Academy have released an animated graphic short about everyone’s favourite supervillain. 

Running from now until mid November, the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy is relocating to Tokyo for their annual session of lectures, tutorials and events. In support of this RBMA will be celebrating that most beloved of Japanese artforms – manga, with a series of music related comics from, “Japanese and international artists that showcase a wide variety of styles, highlighting the impact that manga and comic artists have had on storytelling around the world”.

Penned by DC Comics writer/music journalist Gabe Soria and drawn by Emmy Award winning Batman illustrator Dean Haspiel, ‘The Rise of MF Doom’ takes a brief look at the early origins of one of the most enigmatic artists in music. Starting out with his early days as one third of KMD alongside his brother DJ Subroc, the comic follows the man born Daniel Dumile from the tragic death of his sibling in 1993 up until his current masked incarnation. With plenty of nifty animations featuring to keep things lively, its an informative and entertaining beginning to what promises to be an interesting series. Check out Doom – then known as Zev Love X, sporting the white cap in this classic clip from KMD below, before watching the comic here.