Watch A New Video For Flying Lotus’ ‘Phantasm’

A new video for the LA beat-smith’s ‘Until The Quiet Comes’ album track has gone viral 

New Zealand based artist Markus Hofko has created an impressive unofficial video for ‘Phantasm’ a stand out track from FlyLo’s 2012 LP ‘Until The Quiet Comes’ which has gone viral on the internet. The surreal short filmed over two days in New Zealand follows two otherworldly characters as they make their way across a barren desert landscape.

Meanwhile, it’s been more than a year and a half since Steve Ellison’s acclaimed fourth album on Warp Records. He put out a free bundle of tracks entitled Ideas + Drafts + Loops last December and there have been confirmed rumours that the artist has another album in the works. In a Twitter Q&A Ellison revealed that the album has a working title, track list and more of a “jazz feel”, he also mentioned that he’s in the process of scoring a film, and has been working with jazz legend Herbie Hancock…

Stream the video for ‘Phantasm’ below