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Watch A New Documentary On Kraftwerk

A new BBC4 documentary tells the story of the most influential group in electronic music history.

Using the group’s 2013 shows at London’s Tate Modern as a jump off point, the hour long documentary ‘Kraftwerk: Pop Art’ looks at the band’s rich forty year plus history. Footage from those visually stunning performances features prominently, as do the recordings of the group playing in Unna in 1970 alongside ‘Krautrock’ pioneers Can – and from their set on 1981’s ‘Computerworld’ tour.

Notoriously reluctant to engage the media, there is little comment from the band themselves – save for excerpts from an interview with lead Ralf Hütter in 1981. Figures close to and influenced by the band do feature however, amongst them Techno icon Derrick May and remix king François Kevorkian. Focused on Kraftwerk’s encompassing influence in art, music and popular culture as a whole, the doc – which can be watched in full below, is an illuminating hour for any fan or newcomer.