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Watch Model 500 In Action

Check out Juan Atkins’ four piece going through their live set in France.

The nigh on unquestioned godfather of Techno, Juan Atkins is in the midst of his thirty fifth year making music. He’s commemorating this milestone with the imminent release of ‘Digital Solutions’ – his third as Model 500 (available to stream in full here). Although his work in the studio as Model 500 is entirely a solo venture, in the live arena he enlists the help of Underground Resistance founder ‘Mad’ Mike Banks, DJ Skurge and Mark Taylor for a four person performance that can’t help but conjure up visions of Kraftwerk.

As part of a raft of live performances to support ‘Digital Solutions’, the quartet recently played at Astropolis Festival in Brest, France last week. Their set – which was over an hour long, was recorded and can be viewed in full below. Veering between Electro, Funk and what is more recognisably straight up Techno, the set is a highly danceable session from four masters of the craft.

Model 500 (Juan Atkins, “Mad” Mike Banks, DJ… by sourdoreille

‘Digital Solutions’ is out on Metroplex 2nd February. Buy it here