mala peel

Watch Mala Dig Through John Peel’s Record Collection

The Digital Mystik trawls through the legendary late DJ’s enormous treasure trove of vinyl. 

Widely revered for bringing the likes of David Bowie, The Specials and Pink Floyd to the attention of the British public, when John Peel passed away in 2004 he didn’t just leave a legacy of breaking new music – he also left a stonking great big pile of vinyl. Accumulated over nearly forty years, the vast collection remains at Peel’s house but is now being curated by arts organisation The Space and the John Peel Archive. To help make sense of the mountain of wax, they’ve started enlisting musical figures and friends of John’s to put together compilations of the music found on the shelves or ‘Record Boxes’ – in order to explore the cultural context of the music.

After roping in Folk music producer Joe Boyd for the first Record Box, its now the turn of Mala to trawl through Peel’s collection. This video captures the Dubstep innovator talking about Peel – who was one of the first DJ’s to play his music on mainstream radio, whilst he picks out records that were influential to UK soundsystem culture. Choosing material from Augustus Pablo, Cloud 9, Goldie, Wiley and himself, Mala traces the growth of Reggae and Dub into contemporary dance music forms.

Watch the video here and keep up to date with the Peel archive.