jme pokemon

Watch JME discuss his love for Charizard with Pokémon’s official YouTube channel

The shiny Charizard evaded JME for years, until he swapped a copy of his album on gold vinyl for the cards.

North London MC/producer and Boy Better Know member JME has demonstrated his profound love for Pokémon for a long time. He even created ‘The Very Best’ last year, an ode to the Japanese cult brand that flaunted impressive pocket monster themed word play over an unmistakable theme tune-sampled beat.

In conjunction with Pokémon’s 20th anniversary (in case you needed a reminder how old you are) he’s given a special interview with the official Pokémon YouTube channel. Admitting that the coveted shiny (holographic) Charizard card evaded him for years, he recently offered to swap fans a limited gold edition of his 2015 album Integrity> in exchange for one. He’s since amassed an impressive assortment that now includes a first edition dark Charizard(?!).

The collection will be going up on his studio wall, and as JME himself says, “These will help me spit flames on the tracks”.

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