Watch Incredible Audio Visualisation In Nigel Stanford’s Music Video

Where music and science meet, the ‘Cymatics’ video visualises sound waves with amazing results…

New Zealand artist Nigel Stanford has teamed up with film director Shahir Daud to produce a remarkable video. The title, ‘Cymatics’, is the study of visual sound vibration and the team make use of a range of mediums to show how frequency waves can be shown to the eye.

Despite their extraordinary effects, all the experiments were real – as the detailed ‘behind-the-scenes‘ commentary explains. Starting with small Chladni Plate sand patterns and flowing water spirals, the video moves on to fire flame arrangements and human-size electricity coils. It’s interesting to note that the music was written after the footage had been shot. Although the actual notes that are heard vary at times from the the ones used to generate the physical reactions, the united effects successfully give the track a visual trigger with every new sound.

You can download the video and single from Nigel Stanford’s website.

‘Cymatics’ appears on the album ‘Solar Echoes’, which is out now