Fly Lo Herbie

Watch Flying Lotus In Conversation With Herbie Hancock

Check out a recent dialogue between two musical mavericks.

Whatever eyebrows were raised when Steve ‘Flying Lotus’ Ellison declared that his fifth album was to be a ‘Jazz Fusion’ effort, surely fell back in their place when it had been revealed that he had worked with Herbie Hancock. A pioneer of the aforementioned style, Hancock commands as much gravitas as pretty much any other living musician – and so it was impressive to hear him appearing on ‘You’re Dead!‘, released a few months ago.

The pair were recently united at the headquarters of the Grammy awards affiliated Recroding Company in Santa Monica, California as part of a ‘Google+ Hangout Off The Record’. Taking the form of a discussion about Hancock’s life and work with the careful moderation of Ellison, this 45 minute chat offers a deep insight into his talent.

herbie fly lo

You can watch the full video here.