jeff mills time tunnel

Watch A Documentary on Jeff Mills’ Time & Space Travelling Club Night

In this short documentary by Trax Magazine and La Fumée, Techno legend Jeff Mills previews and explains what his concept night ‘Time Tunnel’ is all about. 

The event’s fourth edition took place last week at La Machine du Moulin Rouge in Paris. Not content with tackling the deeper questions of space and time with just one night of Techno, Mills will be taking the experience on tour over the next few months. In the documentary he explains how he brings together different eras of music, from the birth of the rave scene in the late 80s, to the early robotic Kraftwerk music the decade prior and what he thinks the future might sound like. Backed by impressive visuals, the Detroit DJ takes his art to a whole new level, adding a fascinating depth to the clubbing experience.

‘Time Tunnel’ tour dates begin in Nantes on November 21st, Strasbourg on January 31st, before travelling to London and Berlin.