Watch Dj Harvey’s New Surf Video

Check out the surf video for DJ Harvey’s ‘Last Ride’ shot in Venice Beach

Harvey Bassett’s, is one of Britain’s most loved DJ’s. His latest album, ‘Wildest Dreams’ is a side-step from his flamboyant Disco fanfare. It’s a psychedelic rock record, recorded solely by Harvey on each instrument. The record was released in July and aims to encapsulate the culture of his adopted home in Venice Beach, California, where he has now lived for nearly 15 years.

In a recent interview with NownessHarvey said about living in California, “As an East-Anglian Englishman, I looked to California as a promised land when I was a kid. It had skateboarding, surfing, hot rods, tattoos, the Mansons, the Beach Boys, pornography, the plastic people and the movie industries. It was everything I was into, the dark side of the hippie thing. I aspired to Hollywood babylon: hippy satanism, psychedelia and Frank Zappa and The Mothers, all that wonderful stuff.

The video for ‘Last Ride’ taken from the album is directed by filmmaker George Timm, and stars longboard surfer and close friend Joel Tudor. “He’s my buddy, and maybe the best longboard surfer that has ever lived. He basically re-introduced longboard style in the mid-90s when it was very unpopular: he took it back to its roots in the same sort of way that I’ve done musically with the Wildest Dreams record.”

Check out the video below & order a copy of Harvey’s ‘Wildest Dreams’ here.