captain murphy

Watch A Cartoon On The Origins Of Captain Murphy

Ahead of the release of his new album, Flying Lotus fills us in on the back story of his baritoned alter-ego.

First rearing his head in 2012 on the Flying Lotus produced, Odd Future featuring track ‘Between Friends’, Captain Murphy went on to ‘release’ the solo mixtape, ‘Duality’ in that same year. With Captain Murphy set to feature heavily on FlyLo’s imminent ‘You’re Dead’ album, it probably seemed appropriate that fans got to know him a little better. Named after a character from Adult Swim’s Sealab 2021′ show, it was only right that they would be the ones to take the reins on the mysterious Captain Murphy’s origin story.

We won’t go int0 too much detail on the video itself, which you can watch below, but we will say that we can’t shake the impression that Captain Murphy bears more than a slight resemblance to ‘Black Moses’ era Issac Hayes…