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Watch Artist Kevin Beasley Turn Shoes Into Music

Check out the New York-based artist’s latest sound and sculpture installation at the Guggenheim.

Virginia born artist Kevin Beasley presented his latest work – Strange Fruit (Pair 1 and Pair 2) – at New York’s Guggenheim museum last Friday, as part of a run of summer shows entitled ‘Storylines: Contemporary Art at the Guggenheim’. Beasley uses the sounds of everyday items such as Air Jordan trainers, socks and shoelaces, as well as cables and microphones to create experimental compositions.

During his performance Beasley played the suspended sound sculptures continuously for 40 minutes. Speaking to The Creator’s Project he said: ‘The Jordans are pretty loaded culturally and I can’t seem to move away from them. But what becomes the most potent for me is how they are and can be used as language. He went on to say – ‘the sneakers being a form of communication and memorializing throughout various cultures on electrical lines. This gesture is very specific to its context and that’s pretty significant to me in developing meaning.’

Watch a clip of Beasley’s installation show last week:

Featured Image: David Heald

via The Creators Project