LAPALUX Short Film

Watch A Short Film Soundtracked By Lapalux

A short film by the director Nick Rutter has been uploaded to Youtube, with the soundtrack provided by Brainfeeder’s Lapalux. 

Entitled CHRYSALIS, the four and a half minute long clip follows an unamed youth ( played by Alex Leak ) around a rural English town through a series of scenes of artfully shot alienation, unrequited love and teenage angst. Lapalux and Jassy Grez‘s suitably melancholic ‘Gold’ provides a fitting soundtrack for the elegantly sombre clip, which Rutter says is aimed at depicting the ‘awkward discomfort of teenage life, an age group often unrepresented in film’. The collaboration between Lapalux and Rutter sees the former returning the favour after the director made the video for ‘Without You’, the lead single from his Nostalchic LP.

Watch CHRYSALIS below.