Warp Records’ Clark Scores Crime Thriller ‘The Last Panthers’

Warp Records mainstay, Clark, is revealed to be behind the score of Sky Atlantic’s new six-part European crime series, The Last Panthers, directed by Johan Renck. The show’s title theme has already been provided by David Bowie.

Warp Films and Haut et Court jointly produced the series, which stars Samantha Morton, Tahar Rahim and John Hurt. The series takes inspiration from the criminal shenanigans of infamous Balkan jewel thieves, The Pink Panthers. 36-year old Clark is one of Warp’s more elusive artists and is one that you can’t forcibly push into any pigeonhole. He released his self-titled, seventh album this time last year. He was approached by series director Johan Renck (Breaking Bad, Bloodline, Vikings, The Walking Dead) to provide the soundtrack.  

On his first foray into film Clark said:

“I’ve never worked on anything like this before and it’s probably the most exciting/fun/at times panic inducing thing I’ve ever done. The narrative of the show is vast, deep. It spans many different eras in the characters lives, so it needed to be coherent. The intention was to make the unfolding stories of the characters seem lucid and effortless. Seeing the show get edited down to this concise, six part slab of dramatic excellence was inspiring, and definitely helped the music stay fresh.”

‘Omni Vignette’ is a segment from Clark’s score, listen below.

‘The Last Panthers’ is set to air in the UK this Thursday on Sky Atlantic.