‘Waits & Measures’ Re-Released on Vinyl And Remixed

Radioactive Man’s album will drop on November 21, complete with 11 remixes.

DJ Stingray, Al Tourettes, Mark Archer and Michael Forshaw are amongst the established group of artists approached for remixes, and between them, the originals are interpreted into a coherent compilation based on acid, house and techno.

‘Waits & Measures,’ which went out on digital release at the beginning of the summer, is now to be re-issued. The vinyl has 8 tracks taken from the digital release, with inserted download codes for 11 remixes and a dub version from the album.

Stream the album in its entirety here, and clips of the remixes below.

Vinyl LP tracklisting:
A1. Wreckorder
A2. Gugs
B1. Flying Fuck
B2. Vitamin E
C1.Crosseyed and Painless
C2. Disco Devil
D1. Incoming!
D2. Where Am I ?

Remixes tracklisting:
1.All Along (Carl Finlow remix)
2. Flying Fuck (Al Tourettes Remix)
3. Gugs – (Mark Archer Remix)
4. Engineroom (Dicky Continental Remix)
5. Incoming! (Kitbuilders remix)
6. All Along Dub
7. Gugs (Christopher.D Ashley morphine mix )
8. Disco Devil (Carl Finlow mix)
9. Incoming! (Dj Stingray Remix)
10. Crosseyed and Painless (Michael Forshaw remix)
11.Incoming! (Paul Blackford Remix)
12. Gugs (Posthuman’s Creeping Dose Remix)