Vlek Records Land In London This Weekend

Streets Of Beige kick off a sumptious string of February parties with a takeover from Belgium’s finest left-field party label, Vlek.

With an uncompromised focus on artistic input and an evdient labour of love within packaging and aesthetic of each release, the Belgian imprint are one of the leading purveyors of evocative, experimental electronica. This is a rare opportunity to catch the core of their roster on this side of the channel, performing for free with Funktion One Sound.

As the Beige crew explain “Cupp Cave’s polyrhythmic under-rave, Squeaky Lobster’s neck-breaking beat-haemorraging, Ssaliva’s hazyslo-mo lazer quest soundtracks and Sagat’s drugged-out party lagoon combine in the Beige dimension to cross the boundaries of forward-thinking electronic music.”

You can check out the Facebook event here and be sure to hit The Old Blue if you’re in London this Saturday, February 11. Oh, and for some Friday atmospherics, stream Cupp Cave’s own ‘Rochet’ below.