Vessel Returns To Tri Angle For Second Album

The man born Seb Gainsborough gets organic on his sophmore long player due out this September.

The follow up to 2012’s acclaimed ‘Order of Noise’, ‘Punish, Honey’ is also released on Brooklyn based imprint Tri Angle, and finds the producer moving from electronic towards natural sounds. Sheets of metal functioned as percussion, sawed up bikes served as flutes and harmonic guitars were built from scratch, as Gainsborough looked to explore “…how the physical body has a direct effect on the nature of the sound”. 

With the record also reportedly focusing on issues of national identity, ‘Punish, Honey’ looks to be another voyage deeper into Gainsborough’s unique sound. Out September 15th, you can preview the exotic and warped industrial glam stomp of ‘Red Sex’ below.

1. Febrile
2. Red Sex
3. Drowned in Water and Light
4. Euoi
5. Anima
6. Black Leaves and Fallen Branches 
7. Kin to Coal
8. Punish, Honey
9. DPM

‘Punish, Honey’ is out on Tri Angle September 15th.