Vessel Announces Debut Album ‘Order Of Noise’

After a succession of exciting 12 inch singles, Vessel is set to unleash his debut album.

The 22-year-old producer has gained repute through his uniquely intense sound, blending dark techno vibes with atmospheric synths, as demonstrated on his string of releases on Astro:Dynamics and Left Blank. Tri-Angle records release ‘Order Of Noise’ as a showcase of Vessel’s innovative sound; it is a record which elegantly fuses all the artist’s characteristic elements, as shown on the penultimate track ‘Court of Lions’. ‘Order of Noise’ is released via Tri-Angle Records on September 24.

Stream ‘Court of Lions’ and preview tracklist below:

Track List:
01. Vizar
02. Stillborn Dub
03. Images Of Bodies
04. Silten
05. Lache
06. Aries
07. 2 Moon Dub
08. Scarletta
09. Plane Curves
10. Temples
11. Court Of Lions
12. Villaine