Untold, Jimmy Edgar, Martyn And Mala Play RBMA And Upfront Project Party

On March 16 the Red Bull Music Academy teams up with The Upfront Project, bringing big players from a range of scenes.

The boss of Hemlock and new label Pennyroyal, Untold (pictured), headlines. His sets, like both labels, harbour the gritty ends of house and techno, indelibly marred by his formative years in the dubstep scene. Jimmy Edgar comes from the opposite school of thought – his take on house and techno comes considerably more sleazy; served, in both sets and releases for Hotflush and Warp amongst others, with sexual undertones and a fair dose of musical ecstacy.

3024 head honcho Martyn is another whose roots in drum & bass and dubstep have led to an intriguing take on conventional house and techno sounds. He – albeit like most electronic producers these days – refuses to stick to one style, spreading himself carefully across platforms as diverse as Brainfeeder, NonPlus+, Applepips, Ostgut Ton, and Tectonic.

Throwing Snow‘s music is consistently none of the above; he’s found a niche in bottom-heavy electronica, sculpting his music as songs, and earning himself a Houndstooth album deal. He plays alongside Happa, one of the breakthrough artists of 2012, and the distinguished graphic designer, artist, producer, and respected DJ Trevor Jackson.

Dubstep luminary Mala – who celebrates the 8th birthday of his DMZ label tomorrow Friday, March 1 – will play in room two, alongside Shameless Toady man Pip Williams. As if the room one line up wasn’t good enough.. Mala will play for four hours.

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